Web Design

It’s a new day, a new year. With this comes some new trends in web design. Some of these trends have been around for a few years, while others have just come about. Either way you look at it, these all hold an important value. Let’s look at some right now.HiRes

1)RESPONSIVE DESIGN: This might seem familiar to some of you who have the handhelds. This is more then just a handheld device. This began to take off in the year 2012. It’s only gotten more fluid with each coming year. It’s not just for news stories either. Those sites who use WordPress are more likely to use this, more then any other trend out there. It’s convenient and easy to navigate. Keep an eye out for this one. If you haven’t already you can check out an awesome free website builder at Dynadot.com

Website Builder 2)THE RETINA DISPLAY: Who hasn’t heard of this one? This is an Apple product which has been around for many years too. It’s takes the traditional pixel screens and magnifies them. With this screen you get up to four times the pixel density. Which is a pretty cool thing. If you haven’t thought about investing in a Retina Display, consider it. You will never go back to what you once had in your web design.

3)TWITTER BOOTSTRAP: This first began in the UI elements department. It was used for speeding up web design applications. Now it’s grown into so much more. Now the Bootstrap is being used for plugins and other web components. It’s also being used for designing complete system layouts. This is an amazing advancement in it of itself. As time moves on, this is bound to be one of the most influential features and applications for web design.

4)TRAFFIC: a few years back there was a major shakedown in programs like Panda and Penguin. It involves the idePanda___n_Penguina of traffic. Some of the content was very low-quality. Google stepped in and changed all that. Google only began ranking things that were of higher quality. This also served to help out the web design applications. If your design wasn’t top-notch, Google wouldn’t support it. Traffic is huge component of web design. This is one trend that will never go away. Without traffic, web design wouldn’t be where it’s at today.